The People in My Unexpected Life.

Why a Blog?

I started this blog—a term not exactly accurate for my stories, but useful for practical purposes—because my life experiences have truly turned out in an unexpected manner.

Blogging has a connotation that some might think either trendy, self-indulgent, or a strategy to promote a product. The blogging world has its fair share of those traits, but many people are simply enjoying the opportunity to connect and share. Becoming involved in this online community has been wonderful, allowing for self-reflection as well as a lot of joy during these past three months.

Sharing My Stories

Having celebrated a milestone birthday, this post is short and to the point…a simple show of gratitude.

The world reveals itself in unexpected ways. No flowery verbiage will alter that. The reality is the people we meet and the experiences we share are the basis for each of our internal truths. Sure—books, movies, music, and the like have an impact, but sharing is incredibly important. Ironically, Susan Cain, author of the wonderful book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Cannot Stop Talking, has two TED talks and numerous YouTube videos! It seems she felt a need to share.


On January 4th of this year, my first story featured the impact of my mentor. [Read it here: .] Life is filled with a complex array of ups and downs that every individual feels deep within, and only you know who has impacted your life.

Thank you to this PARTIAL list of people who have contributed to My Unexpected Life:

Marcie, Marisyn, and Raina…Kim and Joe K. Dad. Mom. Bill B. Nimmy and Papa. Grammy and Aunt Pat. Linda and Mark R. Fred and Gail R. Betty M. All of the S’s. Bonnie and Brainard P. Brandon and Bethany P. Collin, Corey, Aimee, Jodie, and John F. Ganna and Salma A. Jeanne H. Michael and Diana P. Paige and Kristi D. Junius G. Mark G. Amy S and Mike D. Mike and Amy C. Rick and Nicky R. Scott B. Amy C-M. Mike M. Steve W. Rob M. Tom G. Lynette H. Ted M. Stacy S. Al W. Steve M. Mike A. Lauren M. Donna R. Mary L. Ken C. Jen T. Sarah M. Amy M. Paul T. and Family. Debbie A. Chris C. John P. Nick L. Chris B. Shane R. Kevin T. Kevin D. Heather O. Stephanie B. Maggie L. Jon B. Gretchen J. Nils F. Inga, Eric and Wendy F. Leslye L. David A. Sara G. Tonia B. Julie B. Jamie S. Jason C. Mike and Hilary S. Brian S. Chris M. John Charles T. Gabriel J. Amanda D. Alyssa F. Amanda G. Tori D. Raymond D. Lori, Al and Jo-An S. Joe P. Jeff G. Jamie M. Amanda B. Austin G. Matt F. Sean B. Jenn and Jeff Z. Iain H. Shane M. Jamie O. David and Etta L. Lynn W and Howard. Bruce B. Tom S. Chris S. Lorraine D. Keith M. Amy and Mark B. BTB. Christine R. Phaedra L. Chris W. Laura S. Brian M. Chris G and Yin L. Andrew B. Terry W. Sarah M. Christine A. Kevin E. Matt B. Derrin J. Amy G. Michael M. John D. Michael G. Benny and Raphael S. Rebecca O. Lauren G. Sabrina J. Steve J and Casey P. Michael and Annie H. Adrianna and Alec S. Scott D. Steve and Mike B. James P. Maria S. Dave F and Steve B. Neil W. Robin H. Jessica H. Dawn A. Scott T. Jaffer A. Patrick O. Natalie C. Chelsea M. Cassandra and Alexandra L. Scott G. Eric and Leslie R. Aaron and Josh D. Toby, Samantha, and Jo K. Juliet R. Norm Z. Dave B. Marjorie H. Mark R. Adam C. Bridget and Todd B. Joyce H. Eric F. Barbara B. Joyce H. Andrea L. Matt S. Pia F. John A. Sheri S.

My hope is that some of you will reflect on the people who have contributed to your lives, even if just for a moment.

Cherish your list!


In My Unexpected Life: Travel, Food, and More, I will share stories, thoughts, and simple ideas to entertain and maybe even inspire others to engage with new food, travel, and more…no matter how big or small those experiences may be.

Even if my writings do not produce the desired result—please enjoy the blog!


  1. There is something special about the people you you live life with who leave an impression. Jim Rhon says that we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with. I think it is more accurate to say that, we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most intentional time with.

  2. This is such an awesome post! I love when people are real and thank others because truthfully we wouldn’t be here without them. That is such a special thing. Keep sharing your work because I love it! Thanks for sharing!


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